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Hunting tourism (hunting stations)

Location: Dzherbel
Hunting tourism (hunting stations) Òhe hunting station is located between the villages Lebed and Ustren. It is part of the National Forestry – Dzhebel. The region’s traditional wild animals can be seen together with the brought in wild goats (moufflons).
Krumovitsa river

Krumovitsa river This is the second biggest tributary of Arda river after Varbica river. It rises from Maglenik elevation located around 5km south of Avren village (that is why the river is also known as Avrenska river). Krumovica is named after the city of Krumovgrad as it flows through it. Its length is 59km. It flows into Arda river after Potochnica village at the foot of rocks of “Oreshari” protected site. The river bed at the outflow area is 300m wide shaping a spacious fertile valley.
Microdam for fishing, Zhinzifovo village

Location: Kardzhali
Microdam for fishing, Zhinzifovo village The microdam is located around 15km from Kardzhali on the left side of the road to Haskovo and before Zhinzifovo village. It is a nice place for fishing and ponded with carp. The water area is around 18 decares with part of the bank covered with pine forest.
Microdams, Slivarka village

Location: Krumovgrad
Microdams, Slivarka village Right at the lower end of the village are situated two relatively big dams with earthen walls. The water is very clear despite the big area and the banks are also clean with no bushes and dry trees.
Public game station “Zhenda”

Location: Chernoochene
Public game station “Zhenda” Part of the station falls into Chernoochene municipality – Dzhenda section. Available is on-ly hunting tourism. Key species of the fauna in the region include: red deer, fallow deer, moufflon and wild pig. À hunting house is constructed for the station.
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