Cult complex “Utroba cave” close to Iliinica village

Location: Kardzhali
Cult complex “Utroba cave” close to Iliinica village The complex is located close to Illinica village and a well marked tourist route exists through Enchec village and around 300m after mountain cottage “Borovica”. The way to the cave includes around an hour of walking up. The path is steep but with three big alcoves and a shelter right under the cleft of the cliff. Local people know the place as Dangardak kaya (The echoing stone). The original eroded rocks resembling pyramids, mushrooms and human figures enrich the beauty of the scenery.
Cult complex, Lisicite village

Location: Kardzhali
Cult complex, Lisicite village Lisicite village is located on the right bank of Studen kladenec dam. The best way to reach it is along the suspension bridge in the narrowest part of the dam in the area of Shiroko pole village and under “Monyak” fortress.
District centre and bishop’s residency, Chiflik village

Location: Kardzhali
District centre and bishop’s residency, Chiflik village The site has s direct visual connection with “Perperikon”. In 8th – 9th century the centre of au-thority temporarily moves at the foot of the fortress. In the land of Chiflik village only 2km from the stronghold is located Klise basha area. Major excavation works took place there in 2001-2002 resulting in interesting finds.
Dolmens, Chernichevo village

Location: Krumovgrad
Dolmens, Chernichevo village A necropolis of seven dolmens is located in Chernichevo village. A dolmen is a Stone Age tomb with two upright stones and one over them. The dolmens are monuments with national significance. The necropolis is situated 6.5km east of the village in “Hambar dere” quarter and on the left side of the bridge to Gugutka village.
Harman kaya, Bivolyiane village

Location: Momchilgrad
Harman kaya, Bivolyiane village It is a hewn in the rock sanctuary that is located in a not too high plateau around 2km east of Dolna Chobanka village. It has formed around a small cave with depth of 7m. The earliest archeological materials are related to the late Neolithic age. In the rock next to the entrance of the cave are dug in trapezoid niches facing south.
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