Medieval bridge, Nenkovo village

Location: Kardzhali
Medieval bridge, Nenkovo village The bridge is built over Borovica river, which is one of the biggest tributaries of Arda river. It is located close to Nenkovo village and follows the architectural tradition of its time. It is a big asymmetric bridge with 5 vaults each with a different size. The roadway is 58m long. Part of the bridge is destroyed by the rough waters of the river. It was rebuilt in one side, but after a repeated destruction in the other it is no longer used.
Medieval church with part of a fortress wall, Krumovgrad

Location: Krumovgrad
Medieval church with part of a fortress wall, Krumovgrad The church is located in the centre of the town, next to the mosque and nearby the po-lice building. It was constructed with cut out and crumbled stones mixed with white mortar. The preserved part of the wall is around 50-70sm. Vague parts of frescos are preserved on the north-ern wall. During the excavation works 30 years ago north of the church were encountered five children graves with no burial inventory. The chambers are covered with tiles and stones.
Medieval fortress close to Pchelarovo village

Location: Chernoochene
Medieval fortress close to Pchelarovo village It is situated in the Gradishteto area around 5km north of the village. It is close to the road to Haskovo and shortly after the turn-off for the villages of Petlovo and Mineralni bani. The place was researched in 1967-1968. The fortress has elliptical shape with diameters 22m and 75m. The wall width varies between1.2m and 1.5m. The remains of a tower with a diameter of 3.4m could be seen at one of the corners.
Medieval fortress, Ustra village

Location: Dzherbel
Medieval fortress, Ustra village The fortress is located on a 1015m high elongated peak called Ustra. It is around 5km northeast of Ustren village and 3km southeast of Lebed village. The area of the fortress is 1.2decares and its wall is double-bend with length of 113m. At ground level the wall is 2.8m wide, 1.75m in the upper parts and at certain places is preserved up to 8m. The fortress had 3 defensive towers – one semicircular and two rectangular with three floors each.
Medieval monastery complex, Kardzhali

Location: Kardzhali
Medieval monastery complex, Kardzhali The complex is situated in Veselchane quarter of Kardzhali. It is located on a natural defence land on the right bank of Arda river. It was constructed in 9th century on the place of a small church from 5th – 6th century. In the beginning of 9th century a total reconstruction of the mo-nastery was made. A new surrounding wall was built with square towers at the four corners and the middle of the walls. The symbol of Christianity – the cross is built in its plan.
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