Religious complex Tatul

Location: Momchilgrad
Religious complex Tatul Tatul is an impressive religious complex – one of the unique megalith monuments in Europe. It is located 20km east of Momchilgrad in the “Asara” area close to the village of Tatul. On a dominant rock reached by hewn in the rocks steps, is shaped a beehive tomb with two graves that have been covered with slabs.
Rock necropolis with an altar, Kovil village

Location: Krumovgrad
Rock necropolis with an altar, Kovil village A clearly visible rock necropolis is located after the houses of the village and close to Krumovgrad – Haskovo road. The tombs are cut in the rocks along the slope of the hill in the Be-lite Kamani (Ak kaya) area. The remnants of a Thracian sanctuary can also be found. The graves are totally nine, well preserved are only three, four are almost destroyed and two are not finished.
Rock necropolis, Shiroko pole village

Location: Kardzhali
Rock necropolis, Shiroko pole village Some cut in the rocks graves are found around 200-300m under the “Monyak” fortress eleva-tion. They have a quadrangular plan and a trapezoid vertical and horizontal section. They were hewn in the rock in a way that their opening to coincide with ground level.
Rock niches, Dazhdovnitsa village

Location: Kardzhali
Rock niches, Dazhdovnitsa village They are located to the right of the road to Nenkovo village and around 500m after the village. They are hewn out into standing out monolith rocks and along with them could be seen many original eroded rocks resembling giant figures.
Rock niches, Nenkovo village

Location: Kardzhali
Rock niches, Nenkovo village The niches are cut out in massive sandstone rocks close to Borovica river and after the last quarters of Nenkovo village. They are visible from the asphalted road passing on the opposite bank of the river. Near by can be seen various cutouts (grooves, altars). A tomb and a necropolis are registered in the region.
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