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The Kermes oak trees, Kayaloba village

Location: Kirkovo
The Kermes oak trees, Kayaloba village The Kermes oak tree (Quercus coccifera) is an evergreen oak and a relict species with Mediterranean origin. It is included in the Bulgarian Red Data Book of rare species. It is a shrub or a small tree with height of 5-6m. The leaves are dark green, spiky and small from 1.5 to 4sm long and up to 3sm wide. The acorns are with different shapes and up to 2.5sm length.
The Lakes close to Lebed village

Location: Dzherbel
The Lakes close to Lebed village Many years ago as a result of upheaved beds two natural tectonic lakes were formed in the area of Lebed village. The place is beautiful with a pine tree forest nearby and 500m away is the starting point for “Ustra” medieval fortress. The area around the lakes is suitable for rest and fishing.
The Leaking stone (Damla kaya), Stareishino village

Location: Kirkovo
The Leaking stone (Damla kaya), Stareishino village A religious cult complex is located close to the beehive tomb (Punar kaya) near Stareishino village and around 300m against the river flow on the eastern slope. It consists of a not very big waterfall, stone passageway and water dripping from the stones. Local people call this complex “Damla kaya”. The dripping stone area is known for its healing powers. As the ritual requires many people leave threads and pieces of clothing on the twigs of the trees. The area is very beautiful.
The Lion, Benkovci village

Location: Kirkovo
The Lion, Benkovci village It is located northwest from Benkovci village on the way to Kitna village, before the bridge over Varbica river. The best place to see the Lion is standing on the bridge or its ends and look backwards. There is a metal container in front of the figure.
The Mushroom, Benkovci village

Location: Kirkovo
The Mushroom, Benkovci village It is located around 1 km away from Benkovski village on the road to Dobromirci village and Zlatograd (between the villages of Dedec and Dobromirci). It can be seen well on the right side of the main road. The mushroom is situated in an impressive grid stone rock complex. It is 2m high and the hood is with 3m diameter. In 1982 was designated as a nature monument with protected area of 0.2 decares.
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