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The Rock window, Kostino village

Location: Kardzhali
The Rock window, Kostino village To preserve the natural shape of a Rock window, the place was designated as a natural monument in 1970 with protected area of 0.2ha. It is situated in the extremely beautiful Big glen of Kostino village, close to the villages of Krushka and Golyama bara.
The Rocks close to Ustra village

Location: Dzherbel
The Rocks close to Ustra village They are also called the rock formations near Kaleto area. This natural phenomenon is located on the southern slope of Ustra peak at the foot of which lies the village of Ustren. The rock formations are made out of beautiful grey and grey-violet rhyolites. They are huge sharp rock peaks with prismatic, step-like and conical shapes. They are from 5m to 15m high, some even more and forming original rock compositions. In 1972 they were designated as a protected monument with area of 224decares.
The springs near Kirkovo (Banichkite)

Location: Kirkovo
The springs near Kirkovo (Banichkite) Banichkite is a very picturesque place. It is located right next to Kirkovo village in the Kukulia area on the left side of the bridge and on the road to Lozengradci. Few small springs are flowing out around a tiny river coming from Lozengradci village. Faucets are constructed around three or four of them. Local people are sure in the healing properties of that water. It is included in the folk medicine practices. Òhe water is mainly used for treatment of kidney and digestive system diseases.
The stone forest

Location: Momchilgrad
The stone forest It is situated close to Raven village, in a deep gorge called by the local people “Gabaz dere”. The stone trees are located along 200m on both sides of the gorge. The “forest” consists of about 20 trees with height varying from 1m to 1.5m and trunk diameter from 0.4m to 0.6m. Two of them are with a diameter of 4m and height of 1m. The vertical section of the trunks clearly reveals the year cycles. Some of the preserved branches were burned. What makes the Raven forest unique is that the trees are standing - up to now there is no such case in Bulgaria.
The Stone mushrooms, Beli plast village

Location: Kardzhali
The Stone mushrooms, Beli plast village Those stone formations are located east of Beli plast village by the road connecting Kardzhali with Haskovo. To preserve them in 1974, they were designated as a natural monument with area of 30 decares. They area harmonic stone pieces resembling gigantic mushrooms with pink stumps and greenish hoods shaped in rhyolithic volcanic tuffa. The height of the stumps and width of the hoods reaches up to 2.5m. The variable coloring of the mushrooms results from the different mineral inclusions. It took millions years continuous sun, wind and rain to shape that wonderful composition.
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