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"Valchi dol" reserve

Location: Krumovgrad
This is the only strict reserve in Kardzhali district. It was designated as protected in 1980 and in November 1993 categorized as a strict reserve with national significance. It encompasses area of 774.7 ha in the three Municipalities of Momchilgrad, Krumovgrad and Kardzhali. The reserve is located in the region of “Studen kladenec” dam on the land of Boinik village, Krumovgrad municipality. The scenery is very diverse with sub-mediterranean shrubs, forests, glasslands and rocks.
Field of Adiantum capillus-veneris

Location: Kardzhali
Field of Adiantum capillus-veneris The field is located close to Kardzhali in Kiosh gully on the road Kardzhali-Ardino. It was des-ignated as protected in 1981 with area of 1.5ha aiming to preserve the population of Adiantum capillus-veneris. That is one of the three fields in Bulgaria of that beautiful fern species named after Venus – the Goddess of beauty and love.
Fields of Rhodope silivriak (Haberlea rhodopensis)

Location: Ardino
Fields of Rhodope silivriak (Haberlea rhodopensis) The scientific name of the silivriak is Haberlea rhodopensis. It was named after its founder – the Hungarian botanist Emerih Frivalski. The genus name is that of the botanist Ha-berle and the species name that of the Rhodopes mountains, where the plant was found for the first time. That’s why another name it is known with is Rodopka.
Fir tree fields, Murga and Dzenda villages

Location: Chernoochene
Fir tree fields, Murga and Dzenda villages The fir tree (Abies Alba) from the Pinacea family is a Tertiary relict that is a rare and un-usual plant for the region. On the territory of Kardzhali district are registered three fir tree fields, two of which are in Chernoochene municipality.
Gumurdzhinski snejnik protected area

Location: Kirkovo
Gumurdzhinski snejnik protected area The region is designated as protected in 2003 with area of 1926.4 ha. It includes the ter-ritories of Gorno and Dolno Kapinovo villages, Chakalarovo village, Shumnatiza village and Kremen village from Kirkovo Municipality. Its southern part reaches the national boundary with Greece and includes the southernmost point of Bulgaria – Veikata peak that is part of Gumurdzhinski snejnik elevation.
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