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Maintained reserve “Borovetz”, Raven village

Location: Momchilgrad
Maintained reserve “Borovetz”, Raven village The reserve is situated around 2km away from Raven village. There is not a good road leading to it. It is a pine tree reserve – the easternmost pine plantation in Bulgaria. The total pro-tected area is 360 decares. The terrain is quite chopped with big steep slopes facing north, north-west and south.
Maintained reserve “Kazalcherpa”

Location: Chernoochene
Maintained reserve “Kazalcherpa” The reserve covers the land of Dzenda village and is named after the highest peak in the re-gion – Kazalcherpa (1036m). It consists of a pine tree forest – the remains of rich vegetation that is surrounded by oak forest spreading beyond the boundaries of the reserve. In 1949 the place was des-ignated as a forest reserve with total area of 176 ha and in 1956 as a reserve with area of 170 ha. On-ly the pine tree vegetation encompasses area of 39.9 ha. In 1999 the reserve was categorized as a maintained reserve.
Protected area Raven

Location: Momchilgrad
Protected area Raven It covers an area of 25.1 ha on the land of Raven village. In 2007 was designated as protected and includes the buffer zone of the “Borovetz” maintained reserve. Well preserved fossils in limestone rocks can be seen on the territory of the zone.
Protected site “Sredna Arda”

Location: Kardzhali
Protected site “Sredna Arda” It was also designated as a protected site in 2000 with area of 420ha in the land of the villages Zvezdelina and Visoka polyana. Its location on the left bank of “Studen kladenec” dam reveals a wonderful sight to beautiful rocks, pastures and shrubs.
Protected site “Umruk skala”

Location: Kardzhali
Protected site “Umruk skala” It was designated as a protected site in 2000 with area of 346ha close to the flowout of Perpereshka river and southwest of Kaloyanci village in Kardzhali district. It encompasses high-located rocks on the left bank of “Studen kladenec” dam revealing a wonderful sight to the water. Many rare and protected birds’ species live and nest in the difficult to access cliffs – griffon and Egyptian vulture, black stork, buzzard, rock nuthatch, black-headed bunting, common ke-strel and others.
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