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The Mosque in Chal village

Location: Krumovgrad
The Mosque in Chal village This is the oldest mosque in the Eastern Rhodopes. On a corner stone on the southern wall is written the year 1200 according to Islamic chronology corresponding to 1786 -1787. It is called Ahat boba djamisi after a worshipped saint, whose turbe is in the cemetery of the village. Another name of the mosque is Koyunllar djamisi after the Koyunllar family that had probably built an older mosque at the same place.
The Mosque in Kardzhali

Location: Kardzhali
The Mosque in Kardzhali The mosque is located right next to the city market. It is a massive, elegant building built in 1812. In 1874 was reconstructed and now is functioning with capacity of up to 500 people.
The Mosque in Krumovgrad

Location: Krumovgrad
The Mosque in Krumovgrad The mosque “Seitlyar djimisi” in Krumovgrad is located on 6 "Saedinenie" Str. It was built over the ruins of a medieval church. At first it was made out of wood and plank. The current building was constructed by the rich at the time Seidi family in 1901, the minaret in 1904 and the entrance room in 1914.
The Mosque in Lubino village

Location: Ardino
The Mosque in Lubino village It is an impressive central mosque serving all regions of the Municipality. It can be distinguished from far away with the white building. It is located close to an old cemetery, where the first imams serving the mosque were buried. Local people call the region “Djami iana”. In front of the entrance of the mosque still remain the ruins of the medrese that was preparing clerics with lower ranks and imams. Later on it was reconstructed into a theological school, Bulgarian secular school and finally was part of the library. Presently it is almost ruined.
The Old mosque

Location: Momchilgrad
The Old mosque The mosque is located in Momchilgrad. It was built in XVII century and up to now is a functioning religious temple. It has original architecture – the only mosque in the region with two elegant minarets. An overall restoration of the mosque was made in 2004.
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