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The Tekke of Ahat baba, Postinik village (Tekke village)

Location: Momchilgrad
The Tekke of Ahat baba, Postinik village (Tekke village) The tekke was constructed following the Sunni tradition, but it is honored by the Alians in the region as well. It is named after Ahat baba – a Sunni saint, warrior for the true faith, gifted with magic strength and abilities. He finished his turbe by himself. He lifted the carrier stone above the door and his fingers left bloody marks on it. Around the building are preserved old graves with Arabic inscriptions on them.
The Turbe of Hazar baba, Gorna krepost village

Location: Kardzhali
The Turbe of Hazar baba, Gorna krepost village This is an Alian tomb, where local people believe was buried Hazar baba – a saint, worshipped by Alians. It is located in the eastern end of the village on a big lawn surrounded by oak and hornbeam. Up to 1912 the grave was surrounded with rectangular wooden fence later replaced by a stone one. In 1939 seven builders from Smolyan constructed 8-wall tomb (they couldn’t manage to build the groundwork of a 7-wall one).
The Wooden mosque, Podkova village

Location: Kirkovo
The Wooden mosque, Podkova village The mosque is located in Podkova village. It is an entirely wooden building - a specimen of an old construction technology. It was constructed without the use of nails. The legend says that it was built by seven girls in one night after which nobody ever saw them again. That is why it is called “Edi kazlar dzhamisi” (The mosque of the seven girls). In the area could be seen as well ancient cutouts and grooves in the rocks. Local people claim that those are the traces left by the huge wooden logs used for the construction of the mosque.
The “St. Tzar Boris” church in Momchilgrad (1939)

Location: Momchilgrad
The “St. Tzar Boris” church in Momchilgrad (1939) The church was built in the period 1938-1939 on the place of a small temple. It is a one vault basilica named after the canonized Bulgarian ruler tzar Boris the First. Òhe iconostasis and the bishop’s throne are made out of carved wood. Òhe woîden plastic arts are from the Debers school. A charnel house was built next to the southern wall of the church keeping the mortal remains of those who have died for the freedom of the region.
“St. Georgi Pobedonosec” church, Karzhali

Location: Kardzhali
“St. Georgi Pobedonosec” church, Karzhali The church is located on Otec Paissi Str. nearby the school with the same name and is a functioning religious temple. It is a three-nave cruciform dome church with built in bell tower. It was constructed in the first half of XX century. The gold-coated domes attract the attention of the citizens and guests of the town. A bishop’s centre is located as a part of the church. Every year summer theology camps for children of various ethnic groups are organized. The church was designated as a monument of culture with local significance.
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