Hadjikadirovata house, Zhaltusha village

Location: Ardino
Hadjikadirovata house, Zhaltusha village It is located in the Terziici quarter (Schivachi). Typical craftsmanship for the people in the area is weaving fleecy rugs. The house consists of two parts. An old that was built more than 150 years ago and a new big two-storey one the construction of which was started in 1939 following the architecture of the already built part. The two parts are connected with a tunnel-like passage. The new part is built up to the roof, but in only two of the rooms the interior furnishing is entirely finished. In 1945 the owner of the house was killed on the front in Hungary and the house remained unfinished.
Houses from the Bulgarian National revival period

Location: Krumovgrad
Houses from the Bulgarian National revival period In Krumovgrad are preserved few old houses from the National revival period. One of them is the house of the Historical Museum. It was built in 1901 for a military club and has the characteristics of the late Revival period. It was used as a town council in 1912-1913. In 1971 was renovated and adapted for the needs of the museum.
Memorial of the refugees from Manastir village 1913, Avren village

Location: Krumovgrad
Memorial of the refugees from Manastir village 1913, Avren village In the centre of the village is placed a memorial of 42 women and children refugees from Manastir village, region of Gumurdzhiska. They were killed by a bashibazouk in 1913 in “Dumanli” area located 8km away from Avren. The memorial was designed by architect Jeriy Gogov from the city of Haskovo and built in Mezdra. It was officially opened on 26 September 1964.
Public market, Kardzhali

Location: Kardzhali
Public market, Kardzhali The market was opened in 2008. It is an elegant tent-like metal construction comprising area of 23 decares. It is one of the biggest markets on the Balkans. Original and beautiful stone portals resembling fortress gates tag the entrances of the market.
The Bridge close to Kirkovo village

Location: Kirkovo
The Bridge close to Kirkovo village It is constructed over the small Solucka river (some people call it Kirkovska river). Following the road to Lozengradci, at the end of the village one should turn to the “Banichkite” area described above. The narrow cart way that passes close to “Banichkite” goes along the fences of vegetable gardens and reaches the bridge. Another way is to walk up the river flow. The bridge is located only around 150m from the springs and hidden in centuries old fir trees. It is a three vault bridge with length of the roadway of 22.7m and heights of the three arches 3.1m, 5m and 2m.
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