The Bridges in Shumnatica village

Location: Kirkovo
The Bridges in Shumnatica village The picturesque village of Schumnatica consists of few quarters (Kamenska, Pehlivanska, Shikovksa, Chilingirska and others). Most of the houses are uninhabitted. Few bridges are built over the small river passing through the village and its tributaries. The first one is in the centre of Kamenska quarter (close to the village hall) and right next to the new asphalted bridge. It is a one vault bridge with height of 6.8m and width 10.1m. It is tiled with rectangular slates and a perch. The pathway is 19.3m long and 2.7m wide that has been broadened with 1.5m at one of the ends. There are two more bridges located up the river flow.
The Bridges near Egrek village

Location: Krumovgrad
The Bridges near Egrek village In the land of Egrek and the neighboring villages are located few stone bridges that local people call “Roman”. The bridges were built at the end of XVIII or beginning of XIX century. There are two bridges in Egrek village. The one in the lower quarter is three-vault bridge but semi-destroyed. The other in the upper village quarter is a two-vault bridge with length of the roadway 13.20m and vaults with width of 4.2m and 6.2m. It was built by a shepherd for the good (hair) of the people. The construction was made with tooled stones, the vaults were coated with perches of smaller flat stones.
The Houses from end of XIX century, Shumnatica village

Location: Kirkovo
The Houses from end of XIX century, Shumnatica village As in many desolate places in the Eastern Rhodopes, in Shumnatica are preserved many old houses built with stone, stone plated roof and original chimneys. An old cobblestone road winds around the houses. Once it was part of an ancient road connecting the centre of the country with White Sea Thracia. Some of the houses are designated as monuments of culture.
The Houses in Egrek village

Location: Krumovgrad
The Houses in Egrek village Along with the new houses, some houses from the end of XIX century are preserved in Egrek village. They follow the typical architecture of the time with stone construction and slates’ covered roofs. The chimneys are built in original style. In some of the houses the ancestors of the first owners still live nowadays.
The Liberators’ memorial, Kardzhali

Location: Kardzhali
The Liberators’ memorial, Kardzhali This is a memorial in honor of those who died for the liberation of Kardzhali in 1912. It is positioned in the Town Garden and was opened on 28 May 1939. The mortal remains of the deceased military officers are located right under the memorial.
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