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Arda river

Arda river Arda river is the biggest right tributary of Marica river and the biggest river in the Rhodopes mountain. It rises from Ardinski peak in the Rhodopes and flows into Marica river outside the territory of Bulgaria. Its length in Bulgaria is 241.3km. Despite its low altitude, the river valley is characterized with one of the highest flow rates in Bulgaria with 14l/s/km2. The water catching basin is with strong Mediterranean influence. The basin is the only one in Bul-garia running parallel to the White Sea coastline and standing away 40km-60km from it. That causes the seasonal high waters distribution (mainly in winter time) and the high waves resulting from snow melting and heavy rain.
Fishing base, Yagnevo village

Location: Kirkovo
The base has available 4 big bungalows with 2 rooms (2+1 beds). The water area is 5 decares and the maximum depth is 2.5m. It is ponded with trout, karacuda and carp. Fishing ac-cessories could be rented. Fishing competitions are organized.
Game station “Studen kladenets”

Location: Momchilgrad
Game station “Studen kladenets” The station encompasses area of 5186 ha in the very beautiful landscape of the Nano-vishka river flowing in Studen kladenetz dam. The first forestation took place in the region in 1957 after the dam was built. Few years later the first fallow deers were brought in. Deers, wild goats, rabbits, foxes and wolves live undisturbed by the people. The dam waters are a habitat of barber, skobar, mullet, carp, sheatfish and others. The flight of many rare birds can be observed – Egyptian and griffon vulture, black stork, eagles. The station’s boundary is the Valchi Dol re-serve and on the opposite bank of the dam is located the protected area “Umruk skala”.
Game-breeding area “Studen kladenets”

Location: Krumovgrad
Game-breeding area “Studen kladenets” The Game breeding area is created in 1973 and encompasses area of 5186 ha in three municipalities: Krumovgrad, Kardzhali and Momchilgrad. The first forestation activity began in 1957 after the dam was built. Few years later the first fallow deers were brought in.
Game-station “Zhenda”, “Bolyarci” section, Bolyarci village

Location: Kardzhali
Game-station “Zhenda”, “Bolyarci” section, Bolyarci village This is a section of the big “Zhenda” game station. Its territory covers the land of Bolyarci village relatively close to the municipal centre. The section is fenced and encompassing a beautiful mixed forest. The raised species include deers, moufflons, foxes, wild boars, rabbits and quails. It offers organized hunting visits.
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