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“Studen kladenets” dam
“Studen kladenets” dam The dam is part of Arda energy cascade. It is the first dam built on Arda river and was put into operation in 1957. Its wall is located around 30km east of the town of Kardzhali. The water-collecting basin is with area of 3752 km2 with average yearly flow of 1600 mill. m3. The concrete dam wall is 68m high in its highest part with length of 350m. The road from Krumovgrad to Haskovo passes over the wall. The base of the wall is 61m wide, and at the top is 8m. The average width of the dam is 2km and depth is 40m. The utilized volume is 489 mill.m3. Twelve villages submerged in the waters of the dam. The main purpose of the thus constructed cascade is to regulate the strong and vary-ing seasonal flow of Arda river. The waters are used for irrigation and electrical energy pro-duction. Around 800m from the wall on the right bank of the dam is constructed “Studen kla-denec” water power plant. Its power is 60MW with average yearly power output of 153.1 mil-lion kWh. In comparison to the “Kardzhali ” dam, the banks of “Studen kladenec” dam are sharp naked peaks covered at some places with bushes and deciduous trees. The rocky steep terrain makes the forestation in the area almost impossible. Fortunately the inaccessible cliffs are inhabited with many rare and protected birds’ species – vultures, eagles, falcons. The high, steep and cracked rocks of the protected area “Golemiat sipei” are located on the left bank of the dam. From the right side of the dam wall starts the way to the only strict reserve in Bulgaria – “Valchi dol”. A big narrow canyon-like around 1km long gorge has formed on Arda river after the dam wall. The narrowest places are almost vertical with height from 5m to 10m. The river is between 1m and 6m wide with depth of up to 20m. This is the most impressive from all gorges along Arda river. One of the broadest areas in the dam is located close to Shiroko pole village offering good conditions for rest and fishing. The bay near Kaloyanci village is favourite to the fisher-men. Near by is located one of the biggest islands in the dam that can be reached with a boat. Moufflons were brought in the island 30 years ago. Often deers from the nearby game station swim to the island. “Studen kladenec” game station occupies a big territory on the right bank of the dam in the municipalities of Momchilgrad and Kirkovo. The dam offers good conditions for fishing and water sports. In the gorge are located the nature monuments “Abrasive wells” and “Devil’s bridge”. The waters of both dams became home for many water birds some of which protected by the Law for Biodiversity Preservation. Such species are duck, black stork, heron, seagull, heron gull, loon, greylag goose, mute swan, little bittern, white-winged tern, white-headed tern, shel-duck and others.
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