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Varbitsa river
Varbitsa river This is the biggest tributary of Arda river with length of 98.1km. It rises around 2.5km east-northeast from Dobri vrah peak. It is accepted that the beginning of Varbica river is Erma river at altitude of 1346m. Varbica is with the river with the highest flow rate in Bulgaria – 18.8 l/s/km2. Its lowest flow rate value is 0.1-0.3l/s/km2. The Mediterranean influence outlines two periods: • At high waters - it continues for around 5 months and is characterized with profuse river flooding. Around 60 % of the total river flow rushes down in that period. • At low waters – it continues for around 2-3 months and around 3-5% of the total river flow comes in that period. Around 95% of the small gorges – tributaries of Varbica river go dry for 40-70days. Right at its rise, Varbica river flows eastwards and close to Krilatica village, Kirkovo municipality makes a sudden turn to the north following that direction to its flowout in Arda river near Ostrovica village (at the zero level of “Studen kladenec” dam). Along its way the river terrace reaches up to width of 1000m with many widened valleys. The river bed is cov-ered with massive layers of rubble and nice sand. At some places the severe river waters have moved islands of deposit material. The lower bank of the river is designated as an ornithologi-cally important land due to the presence of many rare birds’ species. There is a lot of fish in the river, the sand and coast line are nice for picnics in the summer time.
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