Thracian religious complex near Nochevo village
Thracian religious complex near Nochevo village Many standing out rocks with various ancient cutoffs are scattered in a huge area mid the pine tree forest of the Parmak kaya region after the last quarter of Nochevo village. Very impressive are the well preserved trapezoid rock niches and the dry caves. One such cave is the “Tashlak” cave that is 9m long. Well preserved niches could be seen above its entrance. An extremely beautiful view opens up to the valley. The second cave is located in the next rock complex. It is named “Kodja in”(The big cave). The surrounding area is abundant of ancient rock facilities and cut-offs. Presently the caves are used for cattle luncheon. The local people have named each standing out group of rocks (the ram, the blind head, the priest’s head). Note: Two years ago forestation with pine tree was made in the area that is now surrounded by wooden fence. The place is in the fenced territory but easily accessible.
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