Archeological complex “Perperikon”
Archeological complex “Perperikon” The complex is located on a dominating peak near Gorna Krepost village and around 20km north of Kardzhali. Local people know it as Djin tepesi (The ghosts’ mountain). The complex encompasses area of around 17000m2. The earliest traces of human activity date back to the end of 4th – 5th millennium B. C. when people started to worship and bring gifts to the Rock. After a long calm period, in the late Bronze Age begins the construction of a cult complex that went on through the centuries. Hu-man presence can be noted around the entire hill. The complex includes a palace-temple from 6th – 5th century B.C., a fortified Thracian fortress, a settlement and a circular occult temple. It is believed that here was located one of the capi-tals-residences of the Thracian rulers. The palace was a Ã-shaped with 3-4 floors and 40 rooms. Two of the corridors and 13 premises are preserved. It is entirely cut in the rocks and is one of the most ancient megalith monuments from Òhracian times. The archeological excavations show that in the 2nd half of the 4th century the complex was con-quered and burned down. It was restored in the period end of 5th to beginning of 6th century. The impressive sizes of the constructed church prove its significance as an ecclesiastical centre too. In the 9th – 12th century the settlement was an administrative centre. The archeological research revealed much of the architectural and interior splendor of construction works in that period. An impressive cult centre, a colossal architectural ensemble, a well preserved Roman road are only few of the discoveries in that amazing city. The fortress was guarding the passage through Arda river and functioned up to the end of 17th century. The site has been known to archeologists for over 50 years. The medieval fortress was desig-nated as archeological monument in 1968 but its category has been changed many times after-wards. In the period 1978-1983 archeological excavation took place. Major archeological works have started in 2000 that fully disclosed the grandeur of that place. The ancient and medieval town of Perperikon is included in the 100 national tourist places of Bulgaria. Note: The complex is entirely suitable for tourism. It is included in many national and interna-tional tourist destinations. A special asphalted road leads to a spacious parking lo at the foot of Perperikon. An information centre is under construction.
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