Cult complex “Utroba cave” close to Iliinica village
Cult complex “Utroba cave” close to Iliinica village The complex is located close to Illinica village and a well marked tourist route exists through Enchec village and around 300m after mountain cottage “Borovica”. The way to the cave includes around an hour of walking up. The path is steep but with three big alcoves and a shelter right under the cleft of the cliff. Local people know the place as Dangardak kaya (The echoing stone). The original eroded rocks resembling pyramids, mushrooms and human figures enrich the beauty of the scenery. In 1994 the members of the speleology club explored the rock massifs in the area of Nenkovo village in search of new unregistered caves. Following local people and intrigued by their description of the noisy or echoing stone near Illinica village, they find a hard to reach, horizontal cave. It was formed along a natural tectonic crack with an entrance located around 20m from the ground level. At first glance the speleologists documented man tooled areas in-side the main gallery of the cave and niches, grooves and apertures on the walls. Much im-pressive is the special trembling echoing sound. Another feature scientists noted was the light projection in the entrance moving along the walls and ground of the cave and synchronized with the Sun movement. It reaches its maximum at noon reaching the full length of the cave along its central axis up to a man-made altar resembling a female womb. The information was given to the Bulgarian Speleology Federation with an explicit necessity for further investiga-tion of the acoustics and orientation of “Dangardak kaya”. In 2001 the National Astronomic Observatory “U. Gagarin” in Stara Zagora organizes an expedition in the areas of Momchil-grad and Kardzhali. The performed measurements and observations in the cave concluded the astronomical purpose of its orientation and its part in one of the many sancturaries, tombs and temples in ancient astronomical interpretations. Later on the cave was visited by prof. Nikolay Ovcharov, who calls it the Womb that remained its most popular name. The place is holy and part of a cult complex preserving the spirit of the generations. Note: The place is a part of a marked tourist route.
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