Medieval monastery complex, Kardzhali
Medieval monastery complex, Kardzhali The complex is situated in Veselchane quarter of Kardzhali. It is located on a natural defence land on the right bank of Arda river. It was constructed in 9th century on the place of a small church from 5th – 6th century. In the beginning of 9th century a total reconstruction of the mo-nastery was made. A new surrounding wall was built with square towers at the four corners and the middle of the walls. The symbol of Christianity – the cross is built in its plan. The palace of the abbot – the bishop of Ahridos was located east from the big three-apsid con-chal church. The lead seals found in the administrative centre Perperikon reveal the names of three bishops – Toma, Constantine and Evstatik. In the beginning of 13th century the narthex in the west part was turned into a crypt. The tomb of one of the bishops of Ahridos in liturgical clothes was discovered in the complex. During the excavations in 1998 were found pieces of the gold woven textile. That makes the site with world significance. The monastery passed through many ups and downs. Following one of the many attacks the icon-painter rewrote the southern concha and left the words: “….I, Dobromir wrote this in the holy Precursor...” In the end of 14th century the life in the monastery slowly faded away but the memory for it remained till the beginning of the new century. The complex was reconstructed in 2000. It is a monument of culture with national significance and is included in the 100 tourist places of Bulgaria. Note: The place is suitable for tourism.
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