Religious complex Tatul
Religious complex Tatul Tatul is an impressive religious complex – one of the unique megalith monuments in Europe. It is located 20km east of Momchilgrad in the “Asara” area close to the village of Tatul. On a dominant rock reached by hewn in the rocks steps, is shaped a beehive tomb with two graves that have been covered with slabs. One sarcophagus is cut out from the top on an even platform and faces east. The second sarcophagus is cut out sideways on the southern part of a truncated pyramid under a high arch-like vault. Many facilities that are inseparable part of the complex have been hewn out in the surrounding rocks - walls, niches, wells for placing gifts, bed for the main altar of the sanctuary, numerous objects related to the ancient cults (human clay fig-ures, spindle vertebra, knucklebones, bronze objects and others). It is believed that the tomb represents the idea of public worshipping funerals and is part of the religious complex of a deified ruler. The main part of the sanctuary appeared in the late Bronze Age (17 – 11th century B.C.). In 4-3th century B.C. were built a huge stone wall and a temple north of it. In 1-4th century the complex was further developed with new buildings and rooms made out of carved stone and mortar. The finds prove the importance of the place, the im-port of objects and its popularity outside the boundaries of Thracia. A suggestion exists that in ancient times astronomical observations were performed at Tatul, which were inseparable part of the performed rituals. The legend says that Tatul is the sanctuary of Orpheus. Note: There is an asphalted road to the place.
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