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The Broken mountain, Vodenicharsko village
The Broken mountain, Vodenicharsko village This is an interesting geological phenomenon that formed at the end of XIX century. It is a high hill cut through the middle, located on the left of the road to Vodenicharsko village and little before the beginning of “Chamlaka” reserve. The left part of the hill has moved away and sunk down 600m from the right side. The difference in the height is around 80m. The “breaking” was a result of tectonic upheaval. It was a huge landslide activated by abnormal rainfall. The hill consisted of very cracked rocks (pearlite and rhyolite) and water resistant marls and clays located underneath. As a result of the heavy rainfall and the deeply absorbed water, the upper layered rocks slid down towards the nearby river causing the mountain cutoff. The moving of the mountain was accompanied by a loud crackle and fire glimmers the memory for which is still vivid in the generations of local people. That resulted from the high temperatures that appear at severe layers friction. Note: The place is suitable for tourism, could be seen from the road and is on the way to other interesting monuments.
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