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The springs near Kirkovo (Banichkite)
The springs near Kirkovo (Banichkite) Banichkite is a very picturesque place. It is located right next to Kirkovo village in the Kukulia area on the left side of the bridge and on the road to Lozengradci. Few small springs are flowing out around a tiny river coming from Lozengradci village. Faucets are constructed around three or four of them. Local people are sure in the healing properties of that water. It is included in the folk medicine practices. Òhe water is mainly used for treatment of kidney and digestive system diseases. Close to the spring around 150 m against the river flow an old bridge is located (described in 1.5.1). On both sides the river banks are covered with centuries old alder trees. Note: The place is suitable for tourism combined with the old bridge, but the area is untended.
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