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The Kermes oak trees, Kayaloba village
The Kermes oak trees, Kayaloba village The Kermes oak tree (Quercus coccifera) is an evergreen oak and a relict species with Mediterranean origin. It is included in the Bulgarian Red Data Book of rare species. It is a shrub or a small tree with height of 5-6m. The leaves are dark green, spiky and small from 1.5 to 4sm long and up to 3sm wide. The acorns are with different shapes and up to 2.5sm length. In the 70s in the area of Kayaloba village were found three kermes oak trees with heights of 3m, 4m and 5 m. They are located little after the village, in the Dzhami quarter (the quarter with the mosque) on the right side of the road to Zlatograd. In 1981 they were designated as a natural monument as they are the only ones in the region. The terrain, where they grow up is inclined with southern slope in typical sandstone rock and maroon soil. The origin of those three trees is not clear. On area of 50 decares under them are located many old kermes oak shrubs, which together with the juniper form a full juniper-kermes oak vegetation. Some of the kermes oak shrubs are up to 1.5m high, some are quite short. It is possible that the three trees are trimmed shrubs that afterwards have developed as trees. More kermes oak trees can be found along the gully in the pine forest west of the mosque. Note: The place is easily accessible.
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