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Abrasive wells, Studen kladenec village
Abrasive wells, Studen kladenec village The rocks along Arda river valley are coulee from active volcanic activity millions years ago. Some of the craters were partially destroyed by the river waters. Nearby Studen kladenec village and close to the dam wall were formed big veins of quartz and chalcedone inclusions. Pieces of them carried by the brisk water obtained a circular motion scraping and corroding the dislodged surrounding rocks. Gradually a cove was formed that became bigger with time. This is how big apertures in the rocks have appeared, that in geology are called “abrasive wells” meaning they have been formed by the scraping activity of harder rocks. They have various sizes – from very small with diameter 20sm and depth of 10sm to huge with diameter of 7-8m and depth of 10-15m. The wells are located in the river bed and are suitable shelter for the fish wintering in the gorge. Different species of reptiles and amphibians occur in the area. Note: There is a marked tourist route to the monument.
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