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Gumurdzhinski snejnik protected area
Gumurdzhinski snejnik protected area The region is designated as protected in 2003 with area of 1926.4 ha. It includes the ter-ritories of Gorno and Dolno Kapinovo villages, Chakalarovo village, Shumnatiza village and Kremen village from Kirkovo Municipality. Its southern part reaches the national boundary with Greece and includes the southernmost point of Bulgaria – Veikata peak that is part of Gumurdzhinski snejnik elevation. The nature in the region is well preserved. There are big areas with remains of the so called Silva Magna Bulgarica that impressed many travelers in the past. Original forests of sy-camore, oak and fir trees of age over 150 years are preserved. Most of the trees are more than 300 and even 400 years old, but some single trees are probably even older. On its territory are registered 62 tree and shrub species. Eleven of them are included in the Bulgarian Red Data Book. Some of them are: rhodope lily (Lilium Rhodopeum ) – a Balkan endemite that occurs on-ly on the territory of the Eastern Rhodopes, savin juniper (Juniperus Sabina), conifer (Taxus baccata), Acer heldreichii, oak and others. The fauna is not completely studied yet, but key species include: golden eagle, honey buzzard, sparrow hawk, black woodpecker, wolf and brown bear. Most of the single protected territories in Kirkovo municipality are part of the territory of Gumurdjiski snejnik.
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