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“Ribino” protected territory
“Ribino” protected territory It encompasses area of 663 decares and includes the area around Talashman dere – a left tributary of Vetrenska river in the land of Ribino and Samovila villages in Kirkovo municipality. A beautiful picturesque canyon has formed in the soft ductile limestone terrain. The area is abundant of caves with total length of above 600m that have been mapped and documented by the Bulgarian Spelaeology Federation. Various archeological objects were discovered proving the presence of active life in ancient times. The cave fauna is one of the richest. New species of invertebrates have been encoun-tered there from the genera Niphargus, Roncus and Balcanopelatum, and also the wood louse Trichoniscus rhodopiense (Bulgarian endemite) and the snail Balcanodiscus frivaldkyanus (Bal-kan endemite). The caves are the habitat of many bats. Seven bat species are included in the Interna-tional Red List. The territory was designated as protected in 2000. Note: The place is suitable for tourism
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