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"Valchi dol" reserve
This is the only strict reserve in Kardzhali district. It was designated as protected in 1980 and in November 1993 categorized as a strict reserve with national significance. It encompasses area of 774.7 ha in the three Municipalities of Momchilgrad, Krumovgrad and Kardzhali. The reserve is located in the region of “Studen kladenec” dam on the land of Boinik village, Krumovgrad municipality. The scenery is very diverse with sub-mediterranean shrubs, forests, glasslands and rocks. The forests consist of mainly winter oak mixed with turkish oak, tilia, Hungarian oak, European and oriental hornbeam, Quercus dalechampii. That tree combination is a unique forest formation for the reserves in the entire country. A strong Mediterranean influence affects the area and especially the flora and fauna. There are around 15 plant species included in the Bulgarian Red Book. Birds’ species are of spe-cial significance represented by îrphean warbler, blue-rock thrush, red-rumped swallow and ra-pacious birds categorized as rare and extinct according to Birdlife International nomenclature. The imperial eagle and black vulture are world wide endangered species. In the area occur also golden eagle, buzzard, European kestrel, Egyptian vulture, black vulture, black stork, griffon vul-ture. There are over 23 rapacious birds species with 21 included in the Bulgarian Red Book. The reptiles’ variety is also quite diverse and characteristic mammals are fallow deers, wolf, otter and wild boar. Note: It is an interesting area for tourism and included in most tourist routes.
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