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The Mosque in Lubino village
The Mosque in Lubino village It is an impressive central mosque serving all regions of the Municipality. It can be distinguished from far away with the white building. It is located close to an old cemetery, where the first imams serving the mosque were buried. Local people call the region “Djami iana”. In front of the entrance of the mosque still remain the ruins of the medrese that was preparing clerics with lower ranks and imams. Later on it was reconstructed into a theological school, Bulgarian secular school and finally was part of the library. Presently it is almost ruined. The mosque was built with stone coated with mortar and whitewashed. The entrance area is designed as a spacious platform surrounded by a colonnade and arch-like vaults made of carved marble. Above the entrance is built a horizontal marble plate with embossed the year of construction according to the Islamic calendar 1222 (around 1844). The minaret is 20m high and has a separate entrance in the northern part of the mosque’s main building. During one of the last renovations of the mosque, the workmen have left inscription inside the prayer room and on the last step in the minaret. On the inside the mosque is surprisingly roomy and light is coming in from arch windows high on the three sides. Quite impressive are the wooden ceiling with the applications and the balcony’s railing that resembles the wooden fretwork of households. That is the only mosque in the eastern Rhodopes that has a basement room under the main praying room – 2m under the mihrab and at the entrance of the mosque to elevation level. The outdoor facade is fixed by massive stone masonry slitted with small loopholes. Note: The mosque is easily accessible and suitable for tourism.
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