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The Mosque in Krumovgrad
The Mosque in Krumovgrad The mosque “Seitlyar djimisi” in Krumovgrad is located on 6 "Saedinenie" Str. It was built over the ruins of a medieval church. At first it was made out of wood and plank. The current building was constructed by the rich at the time Seidi family in 1901, the minaret in 1904 and the entrance room in 1914. It is square with four-sloped roof covered with Turkish tiles. Its area is 2152m2 from which 840m2 built up land. For the walls is used cut out stone partially coated with mortar. The plinth, edges, perch, facade’s aperture frames and the minaret are made out of cut out stone. The minaret faces northwest. The old wooden mosque had a medrese, which was reopened in 1914 but no longer exists. Most of the mosque is preserved in its original appearance. The original wooden pillars inside were replaced with reinforced concrete ones. Note: It is suitable for tourism.
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