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The Mosque complex in Gorno Prahovo village
The Mosque complex in Gorno Prahovo village The complex is located on a hill between the villages of Gorno Prahovo and Dolno Prahovo. It consists of a mosque, medrese (Islamic school), stone tap with a donative sign and a tomb (turbe). The complex is strengthened with stone walls. The mosque is also made out of stone mixed with mortar and the roof of stone slates. The minaret is white, 19m high with three slits for light. There is a balcony on the very top to summon the believers for prayer. The prayer room is spacious, the ceiling is supported by six wooden white columns and is lagged with wooden boards decorated with three rosettes. There are eleven arched rectangular windows radiating soft light. The walls are white, painted in soft red and blue tones. Above the entrance door is placed a small semicircular balcony with little wooden railing. That is the women part of the mosque, where women are allowed only during Ramadan prayers. The studying and pilgrimage rooms of the medrese are located around the surrounding wall. The tomb (turbe) of an honored by Muslims teacher is located nearby. The fence is whitened and the roof is made out of stone slates. The grave stone is with Arabic inscription and in the round medallion is engraved the year 1262 (according to the Islamic chronology) or 1845-1846. The complex was burned down in 1912-1913 and was renovated in 1923. After 1944 the area wasn’t taken care of. In 1991-1992 the mosque and the school buildings were refurbished and the regular prayers resumed. In 2008-2009 a new renovation of the complex was made with a changeover in the rooms for students and pilgrims. Note: The complex is interesting for a visit.
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