Ali bey’s Town Hall, Nanovitza village

Location: Momchilgrad
Ali bey’s Town Hall, Nanovitza village The place was built in 1851 by Ali Bei with whose name the local people associate the building. The rooms are with original carved wood and many of the corner supporting stones decorated. The house was meant for a resting house and follows the typical architecture of the XVIII-XIX century.
Ancient roads

Location: Kirkovo
Ancient roads On the territory of Kirkovo municipality once passed one of the major roads leading to White Sea Thracia. Since ancient times till medieval ages, strategic roads passed through the area. They connected the Upper Thracian valley with the cities on the White Sea coast and the Mediterranean. Remains of those roads are preserved up to now and parts of them are still used in Schumnatica village around the three bridges.
Bashevo village

Location: Ardino
Bashevo village The road to “Krivus” fortress is also passing close to around ten houses with authentic architecture from the late XIX century and typical for that part of the Rhodopes. The houses are well preserved and most of them are inhabited.
Bezvodno village

Location: Chernoochene
Bezvodno village In the village and in other parts of the region are preserved old houses that follow the architectural tradition of the XIX century. The houses are made out of stone and also covered with stone plates.
Dolna Spoluka village

Location: Ardino
Dolna Spoluka village There are some lonely houses with authentic architecture from the late XIX century located close to the road to Lubeno village and before the shooting lodge building. They are with original well preserved stone roofs and chimneys typical for the construction at that time.
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