Hadjikadirovata house, Zhaltusha village
Hadjikadirovata house, Zhaltusha village It is located in the Terziici quarter (Schivachi). Typical craftsmanship for the people in the area is weaving fleecy rugs. The house consists of two parts. An old that was built more than 150 years ago and a new big two-storey one the construction of which was started in 1939 following the architecture of the already built part. The two parts are connected with a tunnel-like passage. The new part is built up to the roof, but in only two of the rooms the interior furnishing is entirely finished. In 1945 the owner of the house was killed on the front in Hungary and the house remained unfinished. The yard is covered with stone plates and has ladies’ and gents’ room. The chimneys are four and follow the architectural tradition of late middle ages. The ceilings of the rooms are wooden with beautiful rosettes in the middle, the cupboards are also made out of wood and lovely ornaments are placed over the doors. There are shelves on the walls and built-in bathrooms everywhere. Two of the rooms are supplied with built-in ovens for baking food and bread, and others with hearths for heating. Up to now in the house could be seen untouched many utensils from the time – looms, elongated wooden jars for beating milk, gills and wooden utensils. Note: The house is designated as a cultural monument, but unfortunately no resources are set aside for its maintenance. Until recently the wife of the killed owner (she was born in 1920) was in the house, but now lives with her daughter. The heirs are around and tourists are always welcomed to visit the house.
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